Disaster Recovery With Roylance

When you buy a car you think car insurance and when you find your perfect home you think home insurance, so why don’t we always consider sample insurance when we think about disaster recovery in stability storage and testing?

Not having a sample insurance or disaster recovery plan in place can come at a huge and unexpected cost when accidents and disasters have occurred and not having any insurance plan means you could be in the worst situation possible and operations cease.

Over the past few years the Pharmaceuticals and Stability Storage industry has proven that accidents can happen no matter how big or small your outsourcing partners are. Floods, fires, power surges have all proven their might when it comes to destroying samples, damaging sites and incurring huge costs and time to both site owners and clients. That’s why we recommend that a disaster recovery plan should be a priority when companies are looking to begin stability testing and storage whether it’s in-house or outsourced.

Although incidents rarely happen, we suggest that it always better to outsource with a company that can provide you with an excellent disaster recovery plan that suits your needs. In an ideal world staff would be able to monitor your products 24 hours a day and the risk of human or equipment errors would be eradicated but the reality is that even though lab space and equipment can come at a premium cost it does not defend them from all faults and risks.

We suggest that you look for several key factors when discussing your disaster recovery plan with your outsourcing partner.

At Roylance we offer our clients a site-location that is based in a geo-minimal activity area, operates under dual power; has a UPS back-up system for all Stability Rooms and we store critical equipment spares. As well as hosting a team of engineers who work on-call on site and remotely we also offer a reduced costs for space rentals where you can split samples and store them with us as a recovery option in case a disaster occurs at your chosen main site. We also suggest real-time monitoring platform Hark, a system that allows you to have 24/7 live access to your sample storage temperatures and offer Bronze, Silver and Gold Disaster Recovery packages.

If you’d like to know more about what our packages can offer you we operate on an open door policy so you can come on-site for a chat at any time. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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