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A Day in the Life of a Roylance Engineer

"A typical day? Well there’s not one! They can all be so different and challenging in their own way, "

Roylance are committed to top quality servicing and work closely with our clients and engineers to ensure a close-knit, ongoing relationship. Engineer Simon Kerfoot gives a glimpse into what he does on a day to day basis:

A typical day? Well there’s not one! They can all be so different and challenging in their own way, from helping out with actual service work and fixing equipment, to attending sites to review possible new contracts and then creating new documents and designing circuits for the new Roylance Stability rooms.

I am married with two children under five and all the time and energy that takes is fun most of the time. I’ve been an engineer all of my life, first in the Royal Navy and for the last 20 years within the textile and pharma industries being a UKAS certified engineer working world wide for around 10 years.

I love the differences that every day brings, it’s always great to meet people that I’ve seen in different companies working for new ones, it’s like a small community of like-minded people.

The service and especially the validation side of the sector is moving away from old technologies and as new ones come on line and are proved, there is a large scope for smaller companies to move faster into gaps left open by the slower moving larger enterprises.

Simon Roylance Storage


I love seeing new places and work has taken me from the Pyramids to fiords and from New Zealand to India but one of the best views was in the strangest of places a McDonalds high up in the hills overlooking the harbour in Tangiers.

As for characters to admire and identify with, watch or better still read the 39 steps and you in my opinion cannot fail to identify with Richard Hannay and the problems he has to overcome.

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