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Outsourced Storage, Validation and Service provider.

Roylance Storage and Roylance Scientific are working together under the Roylance Pharma umbrella.

Roylance Pharma gives clients a one stop shop.

Roylance Pharma, approached the industry in a new and innovative way. They formed a team of specialists that fully understand the actual process involved in the storage of pharmaceutical and biological samples.

With their team having a combined experience of over 50 years specifically in stability storage services you can rest assured of your samples integrity at all times.

Having been able to build their processes from the ground up along side their state of the art facility, validation, SOP’s and quality systems Roylance
know they can assist you with any stability storage requirements you may have.

When working with Roylance Pharma you can expect the highest standard of customer service, their client relationships are grounded on honesty, trust and integrity, a culture that is embodied by the whole team.

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Our Team

Roylance Pharma understands that our staff are our strength. So naturally everything we do is founded
on this philosophy. The result is an approach to engage and grow with our staff, that is truly
unique amongst pharmaceutical services firms.

roylance team

BENEDICT ROYLANCE Business Development Director

With over 12 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in stability storage services Ben brings a wealth of knowledge and contacts. What he doesn’t know about stability storage isn’t worth knowing!

roylance team

MARIEANNE MILLER Operations Director

Having worked her way up through the ranks, Marieanne Miller now resides as the Operations Director of Roylance Pharma. With over 20 years of experience in Stability Storage to her name, she is a recognised expert in her niche industry.

female roylance team

JADE WARK Storage Manager

Jades background in pharmaceuticals and drug product analysis has given her a well-rounded understanding of the stability storage side of the industry and brings another dimension and set of invaluable skills to the Roylance team. Jade heads up the storage department, her team ensure you samples are in good hands.

male roylance team

SIMON KERFOOT Technical Services Manager

His specific skill set found him being the "go-to" engineer for faults that could not be identified or rectified, to date he prides himself and team on having always finding a solution. Simon currently heads up Roylance's Validation and Service department, his team ensure you equipment is in prime operation and are on hand for any validation audit questions that may asked.

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A company focused on quality,
reliability and integrity.

The Roylance surname; synonymous in the pharmaceutical industry for decades with quality, reliability and integrity.

In 1967 Jack Roylance founded Vindon Scientific, starting a pharmaceutical dynasty. Jack, who was later joined at Vindon Scientific by his son Alan Roylance in 1977, offered equipment sales, service, validation and outsourced stability storage services until 2005 when the firm was subsequently sold. However; that was not the end of the Roylance surname within the pharmaceutical industry, Benedict Roylance worked for Vindon Scientific from 2005 running their national and international storage facilities until 2014.

Having seen a gap in the market in 2015, Benedict approached an old colleague and Roylance Scientific was hatched. A company focused on quality, reliability and integrity. With sites now in England and Scotland, an ever growing team of experts and an expanding customer base, we can safely say the dynasty is set to continue.

Roylance Scientific now, Roylance Pharma have invested heavily in not only their staff, but also in the latest technology giving their clients not only the best service, but also the best equipment available on the market.

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